Do you ever feel like your mind is just drifting away for the better part of your day; almost like you have switched from manual steering to autopilot? It is like a passive  switch that moves you from being awake and aware to relying on your default responses and behaviors. A recent study by Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth shows that nearly 50% of the waking day your mind is wandering on other things than your present tasks. What makes this study even more alarming is that findings stated that most of this wandering did not make the participants feel happy. Could it be that you are risking happiness by allowing your brain to go on autopilot and wander away for portions of the day?

The challenge here is to allow yourself to be present in the moment on a consistent basis so your brain can be re-trained to not put itself on autopilot. Similar to the automatic behaviors you have when you role out of bed: turn off the alarm, put your right foot on the floor, stumble to the coffee maker, and then remember it is Saturday. We also have automatic thoughts that take place as well and when we are bored or not stimulated how we want to be we often drift into our automatic wandering thought: making a to-do list, thinking about unanswered emails, thinking about where we want to be in years from now. But this automatic thought sweeps us away from the present moment and immediately miss out on opportunity to live in the present moment and make changes to things we are not content with. To learn more about how you can take your mind off of autopilot you can check out ..

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