I am a native Richardson-ite and am grateful to raise my family in my hometown. I did manage to get out for a few years for my undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. However, it was not long before I found myself back in Dallas completing my Master's in Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary.

My interest for counseling stemmed from the freedom I found doing work with my own therapist as a young man. I want to help people find healing and relief from life's many struggles as I have been helped. While I am a Christian counselor, I work with people from various belief systems and backgrounds. I believe the most important element in the counseling process is the relationship between the client and the therapist. I work whole-heartedly to meet my clients where they are in order to create an unbiased, objective, and accepting environment.

My therapeutic approach is eclectic; which means I use a variety of methods and techniques in order to serve the needs of my clients.  While the majority of treatment I provide is based in cognitive behavioral therapy, I also make use of dialectical behavior, Adlerian, and family systems techniques. Please view the "Services" section to find out if you may have a need in an area that I work in. If you have a concern that you do not see listed I would be happy to refer you to a professional that might be a more appropriate fit.